The SFUSD Family Handbook for the Early Education Department can answer most of your questions about School Policies and Procedures. Please refer there for a comprehensive overview. However, this should get you started:

Are there School Rules I should be aware of?

Every classroom makes their own expectations and agreements with the children each year.  They are displayed and shared with the families.  Our hopes are that you will follow similar expectations at home.  Ask your child’s teacher if you haven’t heard about them.

We are a nut free school! Please do not send any food products to school that have nuts in them.  Some children are highly allergic to nuts.  At times children may have other food allergies and the classroom teacher may also let you know there are other food items not allowed.

Please hold your child’s hand in the hallways and teach them to walk with you.  The staff never allow children to run in the hallways so you should not either.  When they go to elementary school they will also need to walk in the hallway.  We are helping to prepare children for their next school.

Birthday or Holiday Celebrations

Classroom celebrations should not include sweets or treats for the children.  Many of our families have limited incomes and we want to discourage any expectation that they should purchase food or treats beyond a healthy snack. If you bring these items the teacher will return them to you. The children are equally impressed with special fruits, fresh bagels and cream cheese, cheese and crackers, vegetable sticks and a healthy dip.

If you would like to do something special for your child’s birthday or to celebrate a special Holiday we welcome you bringing in your child’s favorite book, teach the children a special song or share a favorite art or cooking project with the class.  

Many of our families have different religious beliefs, therefore, we do not celebrate Religious Holidays as a school or class.  Each classroom chooses a curriculum topic of interest to the children so we do not stop our curriculum topics to focus on what we call the Hallmark Holidays.  Those are holidays such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s day, etc.

What should my child wear to school?

Children play in sand, water, use paint and other enjoyable, messy materials as a part of their daily learning experiences. Please send your child to school in comfortable play clothes that can get dirty.

  • Long skirts and dresses, scarves, jacket hood strings, jewelry, or other items that can be caught on equipment are discouraged because they can be dangerous when a child plays or uses school equipment.

  • Closed toe shoes that fasten or tie are required at all times while your child is at school to prevent injuries. Tennis shoes are highly recommended to enable safe running, climbing, and balancing activities.

  • The Presidio can be foggy and cool! Dressing your child in layers will ensure their comfort as the temperature changes throughout the day.

What do I need to bring for my child’s cubby?

Always have at least one extra pair of clothing from jacket to socks.  If your child is learning to use the bathroom lots of extra clothes will be needed as well as plastic bags to send the wet clothes home. Please label your child’s clothing so they don’t get misplaced. A refillable water bottle is also recommended.  

Each toddler and preschool age child will get a bedding bag.  You should send a fitted crib sheet and a light blanket for nap time.  These will be sent home every Friday for you to wash and bring back in the bag on Monday or the first day of the week.  It is a licensing requirement that there be something covering their cot and a blanket available to cover them.  It is also required that a child’s bedding does not touch another child’s bedding so the bag is needed to keep each child’s bedding separate. Please do not lose the bag and always bring it back each week.

We request that all toys, playthings, money, gum, candy and food from home remain at home. However, if your child needs a special item to help with separation or nap time, that should be discussed and pre-arranged with the Teacher. The item may be kept in your child’s cubby.

What should I bring for snack and how much?

Each classroom has a sign-up sheet for a light mid-morning snack to be shared with the class.  It should be healthy foods from two food groups. Here are the snack guidelines for our school:

  • No nuts

  • No sugar in the first 5 ingredients, this includes sugar-like ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup

  • No dyes (ie no GoGurt brand yogurt tubes)

  • Must be prepared and packaged in a commercial kitchen

Recommended snacks – many are the children’s favorites:

  • Cheese sticks or Mini Babybell Cheese Wheels

  • Crackers (Cheez-Its, Goldfish, Honey Grahams, etc)

  • Fresh fruit (other than apples, bananas, and oranges)

  • Bagels and cream cheese

  • Hummus and pita bread

  • Yogurt (if you bring large tubs, please bring small Dixie cups and spoons for 24 children)

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Baby carrots

  • English muffins and jelly

  • Raisins and other dried fruit

  • Muffins

Please see also the food allowed for celebrations. Sugar or salt should not be in the first five ingredients and snacks should contain no nuts. Fruits and vegetables should be brought in whole.  The classroom staff will help with cutting fruits or vegetables.  We require all food be purchased from a store with a certified kitchen.

How do I get my child prepared to start at Presidio EES?

Talk to your child about going to school. Be positive and show your child you feel confident school will be a great experience.  Read the book about Presidio EES from the enrollment office with your child in advance. Work on helping your child be able to help themselves in the bathroom.  Our ratios are one adult for every eight children.  It isn’t possible to help every child in the bathroom all of the time.  If your child isn’t fully using the bathroom independently we will help support your child with using the bathroom. However, it is best if you have already started the process at home.

What is the school day?

Each classroom has their own classroom schedule.  They all spend roughly an hour outside and an hour in exploration time each morning and about 45 minutes outside/exploration every day.  Breakfast is served from 8:30-9:00, mid-morning snack is at about 10:30 and lunch is between 12:00-12:30.  Toddler and Preschool classrooms have a rest/nap time from about 1:00-3:00.  Be sure your child is in their classroom for most of the exploration time every day.

Is there a special procedure for dropping off and picking up my child?

Preschool children who arrive before 8:30  or after 5:00 will be together in the square.  Otherwise you will take your child to the classroom or playground where the rest of the class will be.  We ask all families to have their child use the bathroom and wash their hands before joining the class. Each child MUST be signed in and out every day. If you forget to sign your child in the school will call you back to sign them in.  While we wait for you to come back your child will have to wait in the office.

How do I find out about things going on at school?

Be sure you have shared your email address with the classroom teacher and the Room Representative who will share it with the google group.  You will get emails from the Teacher, Room Rep. and the google group.  There is also a Dry erase board at the front of the school that is updated regularly.

How will I know how my child is doing at school?

You may check in with your child’s teacher for brief conversations at drop off or pick-up.  Your teacher will provide you with the best way to get in contact with them.  Please be respectful of your teachers time away from school to rest and rejuvenate.

How do I contact the Family Council PTA?

To email the officers:

If you can’t be present for Family Council meetings, you can call into it: Conference line phone #: (515) 604-9099

 Access code: 145-247-828

How does the Family Council stay in contact with parents?

Family Council uses Google Groups to email our school community and organize ourselves. Only Family Council Officers and the Site Manager distribute email messages to the entire Group. If you wish to send an email message to the Group, please first send an email to the main Family council website (see above). We typically send no more than one email message per week.

When you add your email address to your Classroom Roster, the Secretary automatically adds your email address to the Google Group.

If you wish to change or remove your email address, follow the instructions in the email signature. We also post the public, School Wide Roster on Google Documents for the school community to access. A link to the PDF will be distributed via email.