Join the pta!

The PTA is the Parent Teacher Association; a national non-profit organization (separate from the school district) dedicated to bringing parents and teachers together to support and improve local schools.   The Presidio EES PTA (known as the Family Council) helps mobilize parent volunteers and it conducts a variety of fundraising activities on behalf of the school.  The officers of our school PTA work with the school administration and teaching staff to identify program needs and how the PTA can provide support.

At the beginning of each school year, every family receives a letter from the school PTA, asking you to join. The letter also asks you to consider a commitment of both time and money to the PTA and to the school, presenting a range of options, from heavy volunteer participation in lieu of a financial contribution, to less participation and a larger financial contribution.  Our goal is for every family to make a commitment to being involved in whatever way works best for them.