Presidio EES is a Reggio Emilia Inspired School, what does that mean?

We are inspired by the vision and values of the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education, where every child’s intellectual, emotional, social and moral potentials are cultivated and guided through exploration of the community and the environment.

How do I schedule a Tour of the school?

We have two group tours each month, please check the school calendar for dates. To register for the tour please call our site at 415-561-5822 and leave a message with your contact information and the date that works for your family.

Presidio EES Population

We have a diverse population of students and staff from all over San Francisco and beyond. Enrollment preference is given to families who live or work in the Presidio National Park. All of our age groups utilize the Presidio National Park to enhance their curriculum experiences.

Presidio EES has strong family involvement.  What does this mean? How do parents get involved?   

While all public schools encourage parents to be involved in the education of their children, the commitment to this philosophy at Presidio EES is embedded in the educational approach of our teachers and administrators, and very actively embraced by parents at our school.  Parents are involved with the school in many different ways that enhance the academics, the social atmosphere and extra-curricular activities. Parents volunteer in the classroom, go on walks in the Presidio National Park, serve as chaperones on field trips, help at Community Work days and help out at special events at the school.  Many parents volunteer for fundraising activities that help support valuable programs.  (More about that later.)  Parent volunteers also run the Family Council.

What is the Family Council?

The Family Council is what we call the PTA. The Parent Teacher Association is a national non-profit organization (separate from the school district) dedicated to bringing parents and teachers together to support and improve local schools.  Our PTA is very active:  the PTA helps mobilize parent volunteers and it conducts a variety of fundraising activities on behalf of the school.  The officers of our school PTA work with the school administration and teaching staff to identify program needs and how the PTA can provide support.

At the beginning of each school year, every family receives a letter from the school PTA, asking you to join. The letter also asks you to consider a commitment of both time and money to the PTA and to the school, presenting a range of options, from heavy volunteer participation in lieu of a financial contribution, to less participation and a larger financial contribution.  Our goal is for every family to make a commitment to being involved in whatever way works best for them.

Our PTA holds open meetings every first Wednesday of the month at 4:30pm. Please check our calendar to ensure the meeting time has not changed due to a holiday or other PTA conflict.

Why does the school raise money?

The funding that the state provides to our school pays for the basic expenses of running a school: teacher and administrator salaries, staff salaries, basic materials and supplies, building maintenance, etc.  Our budget isn't able to fund programs and expenses that further enrich the curriculum.  The money that the PTA raises supplements our music and movement program that would otherwise not be covered.

What does the fundraising buy?

Family Council contributions fund many activities including:  Music & Movement Classes, ZooMobile, extra expenses as needed for any classroom, food for holiday events, cleaning supplies for Community Work Day, etc.