There are volunteer jobs to fit any talent that you may have, and any hours that you can spare!  Parent participation is vital to our great school, so act now by marking events that fit your talents.  If every parent volunteers 4 hours per year, just imagine all that we can accomplish together!

Community work days

Family Council sponsors 3 Community Work Days per year on a Saturday from 10AM to 2Pm. Families come to the school to help with big projects that can't be completed during the school week - power washing the outside of the building, washing cots and chairs, using carpet cleaner in the rugs in the classroom, deep cleaning the shelves, hand washing toys and other specific projects that the Classroom Lead Teachers request. The Presidio PTA provides a light lunch in the staff workroom.

Room reps

Each classroom has a designated parent representative or "Room Rep" to the Presidio EES PTA. They serve as a conduit between our families, teachers and Family Council. If you have something you'd like addressed at a Family Council Meetings, please let them know. Room Reps distribute communications via email to classroom parents, maintain the classroom roster, coordinate with the teacher on Family Council activities (Community Work Day, bi-annual parties and fundraisers), and provide the classroom report at Family Council Meetings.

Grant writing committee

Fundraising is critical to ensure that our Music and Movement Program continues at Presidio Early Education School year after year. Family Council also provides “the extras” to support the students and staff. Family Council has drafted a template grant request proposal but we need a committee leader and volunteers to submit the grant requests. Please join us at the September 15h Family Council meeting to learn more and volunteer. 

greening committee

Family Council helps with the upkeep of our outside areas and yards. During the 3 weeks before each Community Work Day, the Committee coordinates with the Board on outside work needed on Community Work Days. The Committee has typically completed projects like replacing plants in the wooly pockets and installed the wood barrier between the play structure and sand in the preschool yard. The Committee leader would be responsible for ensuring the school’s leaf blower is used on the Friday afternoon before Community Work Days to blow sand back where it belongs. Join us for the Family Council Meeting on September 15 to learn more.